Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MOM's Help Make Recycling Easy in Arlandria

Alexandria's recycling program is ever expanding. The City accepts a large number of items at curbside; the list has increased substantially in the past year.

The City's Residential Curbside Program Accepts:

  • Mixed Paper (White/Color paper, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, phone books, paperback/hardcovered books, cereal/tissue/cracker boxes, etc.)
  • Cardboard Does not need to be flattened, please remove styrofoam, plastic packaging or other contents!
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • All Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Jars, Tubs, Pails, and Buckets (The number on the bottom does not determine recyclability)
  • Plastic Bags (Bags in a Bag, tied shut.)
  • Metal Food & Beverage Containers
  • Wire Hangers

Please view the City’s "Yes/No List" for more information on what is recyclable.

But even so, there are a few things that the City can't take at curb-side and the collection facility is across town on Wheeler Avenue. Luckily, Arlandrians have a businesses that helps serve to fill the gaps.
A little over a month ago, we blogged about some of the things that can be conveniently recycled at MOM's/My Organic Market here in Arlandria (Recycle Denim Jeans at MOM's).

The fringe benefit of having a great store like MOM's (aka My Organic Market) in Arlandria is the great set of services that they provide the community. I've found the store an incredibly handy place to take some of my more pesky recycling.
Well, here's the full list from a release MOM's published today:

MOM's accepts the following items to be recycled, re-purposed or reused:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs

  • Batteries (with one end taped securely for shipping)

  • Plastic bottle tops

  • Cell phones

  • Toner cartridges (household printers)

  • #5 plastic containers

  • Sorry! We are no longer accepting plastic bags, cellophane or saran-wrap.

  • Thank you for helping us live MOM's mission: To Protect and Restore the Environment.
    MOM's Alexandria
    3831 Mt. Vernon Ave.
    Alexandria, VA 22305

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