Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Alexandria Times Misplaces Its Map

This morning the Alexandria Times makes a farce of what should be a very serious, important issue by misplacing a story about a devastating fire in the Lynhaven neighborhood and placing it across town on Alexandria's West End.
Alexandria Times | Alexandria, Arlington Firefighters Contain Blaze on West End
By Times Staff

Units from the Alexandria and Arlington Fire Departments responded to reports of a fire on Wesmond Drive on Sunday, June 14 around 7 p.m. The first units to arrive reported a heavy fire from the basement of 151 Wesmond Drive."
There really should not be any making light of this. Serious questions have already been raised about delays that may have been caused by illegally parked cars that blocked emergency response equipment from getting to the incident as quickly as they should have. But the Times neglected to get that part of the story much as the local press has neglected all of North End neighborhoods. Apparently the neglect is deep routed. They don't even know where we are.

UPDATE: The Times apparently "corrected" the mistake in their print edition. The headline now reads "East End".

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