Thursday, June 18, 2009

Renovations Coming to the Calvert?

UDR, the owner of the Calvert on Mt Vernon Avenue have begun talking about conceptual plans that promise to bring about a major renovation of the aging building.

Still described by project representatives as an evolving concept, a recent preview shows that UDR plans to reface the existing tower and replace the front parking lot and retaining wall with a mid-rise (4 story),street-fronting apartment building.

The new construction would incorporate the existing ground-floor retail but move it adjacent to Mt Vernon Avenue. Some of the retail space would likely surround a central art or water feature in an open air plaza at the intersection of the T-shaped building as shown in the first graphic in this post. Most of the parking would be placed underground with some above-ground parking on the north side of the property, just as it is now. The current south parking lot would be replaced with green space adjoining Warwick Village and Goat Hill Park.

The concept is by no means a done deal, but it looks extremely promising. The renovations...which might take years...would revitalize an aging building, strengthen existing retail, and suggests that the Calvert could evolve along Complete Street principles.
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