Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smart Growth and Affordability

From the Arlington Virginia Network:

"Arlington's Smart Growth Journey" is a new documentary film that traces the dramatic history of the past half-century of growth and development in our community.

  • How did Arlington get 11 Metro stops?
  • What risks did leaders and residents take to balance neighborhoods and development?

Watch video (52 min.) With closed caption option

This tale of political wheeling and dealing, visionary planning, missteps and challenges is a glimpse into the recent history of Arlington, as told by many who were there.

The full story makes for interesting viewing, but...thanks to our friends at Greater, Greater Washington, a 5-minute snippet of my favorite part is available for viewing (click on the movie at the top).

This portion deals with bringing revitalization...without neighborhing Nauck while preserving affordable housing: the goal of the Arlandria plan.

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