Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four Mile Run Restoration Enters New Phase!

The Four Mile Run Restoration projects begins a dramatic...and stage today as crews begin to work in earnest on the long-awaited (and long planned) pilot project.

Any recent park user will have noticed the staging and prep that's taken place over the last month. So far the trails haven't had to be detoured but all that will now change.

It will be readily apparent and very visible that crews will be clearing parts of the wildlife preserve and that trees will be coming down.

Contractors will remove the tree canopy that has grown on the highly degraded artificial fill and the non-native forest floor. Once cleared, the City will replant using only the appropriate, native low and high marsh wetland plants and the area will be restored as a functioning wetland. The adjacent acres of naturally existing (remnant) forested wetlands within the project area will be preserved intact. The work will involve replanting using only native plants – which is the stated policy of both the City and this project.

This project is being done so that we can to have a sustainable, healthy waterway, given it exists in in a highly urbanized watershed.

Check out the project webpage for more information about this exciting project...the birth of newly restored Four Mile Run!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 Days until 4MRMarket Opening Day!

C&T Produce brings the fresh goodies!
3 days until opening Sunday!

And now comes the produce! C & T Produce provides a huge variety of top quality, fresh picked, local produce. They have been the cornerstone of the market for the past 3 seasons, and we are thrilled to have them back once again! Their prices are great, the quality is top notch, and the selection is unbeatable.

See our other announcements about this year's vendors on our facebook page.

For a full list of vendors (so far, we're still adding more!), see the "Meet Our Vendors" page!

Buy Fresh Buy Local 4MRMarket products.

The Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market (Alexandria, Virginia 22305) brings fresh, nutritious food to people of all income levels, provide an opportunity for local artisans and producers of goods to bring their wares to market, strive to reflect the diversity of the community, and improve the quality of life for Arlandria residents and visitors. It is part of an overall vision to expand and improve Four Mile Run park and the surrounding neighborhood.

For more info see:
On Facebook:
On Twitter: @4MRMarket
Contact us at:
Or call the 4MRMarket hotline: (804) 4mi-Run1

DCA plans to expand and secure National Hall

The Airline Business Blog reports on a MWAA presentation to add a north concourse for regional flights and to move security check points:
"The $671 million works include a 14-gate new North Concourse built on land occupied by a hangar – and former Interim Terminal – and the existing Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) headquarters building on the north side of the airfield and new security checkpoints on the concourse level adjacent to the existing Metro station bridges, a presentation released by the operator today shows.

PICTURES: Washington National operator details expansion plans

The plans move National Hall behind security 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Transform a Space and Transform a Life: Mentor with Space of Her Own and Space of His Own

Creative mentoring programs Space of Her Own and Space of His Own are seeking mentors for the 2015-2016 school year, beginning next September.
SOHO serves 5th-grade vulnerable youth in Alexandria and Arlington, pairing compassionate and resourceful men and women with program participants. More than a role model, and more than a friend, a SOHO mentor supports and guides youth to success.
SOHO-Space of His Own mentors and youth meet weekly in a group setting to enjoy dinner together and work on an arts-based or carpentry project. Each mentor is paired one-on-one with a child as they paint self-portraits, build shelves, make clay lamp bases, and much more. Mentors and mentees also participate in a series of team-building exercises to help develop the SOHO community. The girl’s program, partnered with the Art League, has a visual arts-based focus, whereas the boy’s program focuses on carpentry.
At the culmination of the year, mentors pair up to renovate each youth’s bedroom or space using all of the projects that they've created together.
Mentors commit to attending the program one night a week from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at one of our Alexandria or Arlington locations. The girl’s programs are on Tuesdays and Thursday nights, and the night for the boy’s program is TBD.
If you are hardworking, dedicated, and eager to help a child in need, we want to hear from you!
For more information on how to become a SOHO mentor, please contact Haley Bader at or call 703-746-4687.