Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ready to Begin Four Mile Run Park Expansion Planning

Among the properties located at 4109, 4115, 4121 & 4125 Mt. Vernon Avenue once stood a retail paint store, a gas station, and a dry cleaner. These uses led to a number of environmental issues that had to be resolved before the site could be converted to parkland. The Voluntary Remediation Program public notice stated:
Site investigations found reportable concentrations of lead, petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents in the groundwater and reportable levels of arsenic in the soil. A total of 55 tons of impacted soil was excavated and disposed of off-site. Air testing at [the old Duron Paint building] confirmed no adverse impacts to indoor air quality. A groundwater deed restriction will be placed on the properties to prohibit use of groundwater.
No other restrictions are placed on the site, and groundwater was never planned to be used. The whole report is located here.

The important thing is the properties can be used for just about anything park-related. The 3 demolished properties can be converted to parkland and the remaining building could be used for a number of purposes (administrative office, satellite police station, community facility, etc.). Here is a past post on park expansion.

The planning process will kick-off on July 7th at the site of the demolished properties. An official release on the meeting has yet to be made, but we will post an announcement when a time is provided and the location is confirmed.

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