Sunday, June 28, 2009

Federal Funding Approved for Four Mile Run Restoration

An article reported that Congressman Jim Moran announced $500K towards the first phase of the Four Mile Run stream restoration project in the FY10 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill. It's not clear in the article if this money is intended towards actual work on stream restoration or finishing design work.

The image above is the demonstration project as defined in Chapter 6 of the Four Mile Run Master Plan. It consists of a removal of gabions on both sides of the stream, restoration of the banks, creation of a tidal bar, and the addition of project information signage. In the diagram, a table shows the price of the restoration work of the demonstration project is estimated at $1 million. The other $5.9 million of the $6.9 million estimate for the demonstration project is for a pedestrian and cyclist bridge connecting Commonwealth Ave and S. Eads St.

It is possible that the $500K will be matched by Alexandria and Arlington ($250K, apiece) and the $1 million stream restoration work will begin soon. Many such funding allocations are done as a funding match to the locality. The bridge was on a list of potential stimulus projects, but did not make the final cut. No word on how that might be funded, yet.

According to the article, $9.1 million has been appropriated for the stream Restoration project so far (mostly planning and design work for the huge project). More about the project, including the Master Plan and draft design guidelines, can be found here.

Update: This funding has only passed the house. It still has to go through the Senate and could still be cut from the final bill. Contact Senators Warner and Webb and tell them this funding is an important step towards building our community.

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