Friday, May 29, 2009

Recycle Denim Jeans at MOM's

The fringe benefit of having a great store like MOM's (aka My Organic Market) in Arlandria is the great set of services that they provide the community. I've found the store an incredibly handy place to take some of my more pesky recycling. Namely, MOM's is the place to go to dispose of used batteries and compact flourescent lightbulbs...materials that would otherwise contaminate the environment if they didn't by-pass the normal waste disposal stream.

More news from MOM's today about another initiative:

Recycle Denim Jeans at MOM's:

Is your closet full of faded, ripped jeans that you never wear? This is your chance to free up some closet space AND do a little good. From now until June 14th, you can recycle tattered, torn or otherwise unwearable denim jeans at MOM's. With the help of National Geographic Kids, the cloth will be donated to COTTON FROM BLUE TO GREEN to be turned into Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. The environmentally safe, formaldehyde-free insulation is used to build homes in areas that have been ravaged by hurricanes, tornadoes or other natural disasters.

Please recycle only denim that can no longer be worn. Unwanted wearable jeans can be donated to many local shelters and charities. If you do bring wearable jeans to MOM's before June 14th, we will happily donate them to be reused -- Just let us know when you drop them off, so we can sort them out of the main collection area.

Thanks for helping us live up to MOM’s mission:

"To Protect and Restore the Environment."

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