Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reducing how much we drive.

From Environmental Lovins blog of the Rocky Mountain Institute:

Reducing how much we drive -- child miles traveled? | Yahoo! Green:
"Among the many solutions for dealing with the environmental impacts of transportation, driving fewer miles is by far the least controversial. After all, who doesn't want to spend less time in the car? Planners and politicians alike find the safest bet for greening transportation lies in reducing our vehicle miles traveled (VMTs),"

This sentiment echoes what the consultants presented recently to the Potomac Yard Planning group.

The choices are between the status quo:Or something better:
And it's a choice about who uses our roads:
And how dependent we are upon them:
And it's not just a choice that has to be made at Potomac Yard, but in Arlandria as well. Otherwise, we'll end up with more of what the US Census found in 2000: Arlandrians travelling further for work (and everything else) than those in nearby neighborhoods:

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