Wednesday, May 13, 2009

City Council Defers Glebe Park Bridge Loan Decision

I listened to the audio of this portion of last night's City Council meeting and was going to do a quick write-up, but beat me to it. Here is their summary of what happened in discussion about Docket Item 22 ("Consideration of a City Bridge Loan to Enable the Redevelopment of Glebe Park to Proceed").

Essentially, Council deferred a decision until this Saturday's hearing (May 16) because no ARHA representation showed up. In fairness to ARHA (I'm practicing the golden rule, here), they were told it would likely be 8:30pm before Council got to docket item 22, then Council flew through the docket.

If all proceeds, Glebe Park in the Arlandria area will begin pre-demolition activities as early as next month, according to EYA representative Brian Jackson (EYA is the developer for ARHA on this project).

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