Friday, February 14, 2014

The Taco Place is no more.

The ambitious plan that got a green light 4 years ago for a restaurant at 3401 Mt Vernon Avenue are permanently being shelved according to an update to City Council by the City's Department of Planning & Zoning.

As presented by Concept.0 Eco-Designs, LLC architect Mabel Tweddle in 2009, the original focus was on a mix of sustainability and quality design.

So on another rather snowy week four years ago when The Arlandrian brought you this news in February 2010:
Chicken Rotisserie Restaurant Get Green Light
City Council enthusiastically (and unanimously) endorsed the proposed Chicken Rotisserie Restaurant slated for 3401 Mt Vernon Avenue. Says one Council member, "This is a step up from green."
Those plans were altered slightly a few years later when The Arlandrian brought you this update last January:
New Restaurant Approved (Again) 
The original plans that were approved almost 3 years ago just didn't work out. But the Cabero's are back for another shot at a restaurant in the now vacant, shuttered building at 3401 Mt Vernon Avenue.
In 2010, there were a lot of discussions about a totally new green building on the lot. The costs turned out to be just too high. A slightly altered menu is also planned for the scaled down renovation. Not just chicken anymore.
But now there's word that these plans too have been abandoned. As part of the 2013 Status of Implementation Report that was presented to City Council on January 14th, City Staff mentioned this:
The Taco Place, 3401 Mt Vernon Avenue The Special Use Permit was approved in December 2012 by Planning Commission to renovatethe existing building and operate a taco shop. The project was slated to begin construction in spring 2014 but the applicant no longer plans to proceed.

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