Wednesday, February 05, 2014

MOMs is here to stay

 "The only way I could see us  'selling out' is if we hit a ceiling in capital and talent and our growth becomes stunted, but so far MOM’s is doing great without outside help- and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, if ever."

That's the word from MOM's Organic Market founder, Scott Nash, answering the perennial question about that future of his chain of stores. It shouldn't be a surprise that all sorts of major market players have come calling as Scott recounted recently on his personal blog, Scott's Compost Pile.
"I see headlines like this all the time, carrying news that another independently owned and operated organic company has either sold to a private equity (PE) investment group (think Bain Capital) or to a large corporation like Campbell Soup (in this case, Plum Organics has done both- private equity in 2010 and Campbell Soup in 2013)."
We're all seeing it every day too: stores opening and closing, new chains entering the market and old stand-by's going by the wayside. But MOM's continues to be an up-and-comer and mom-and-pop that is growing but still close to its roots.

So we can rest assured that MOM's is here for the long haul. The news is out that the Mount Vernon Village Center redevelopment is going forward (Arlandria Redevelopment Project Could Get Rolling in 2014) and, at an update for the Lynhaven Civic Association meeting on Monday night, attorney Duncan Blair told the audience, "MOM's is getting bigger"...more space in the new building next to their current location.

It's the classic American success story here in own backyard!!!

Scott Nash started MOM's at the age of 22
with an initial investment of $100
as a home delivery business out of his mom's garage. 

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