Friday, October 15, 2010

The Arlandrian News Round-up: Getting Along With the Neighbors

Bridging the Run
Alexandria and Arlington joined forces yesterday to discuss a full docket (7MB PDF) of key issues affecting both sides of the border.  Key items for Arlandria include the Four Mile Run (4MR) restoration and  transportation and development Route 1 corridor (more on that here). We had an Arlandrian editor on the scene and will have follow up in an upcoming post (Alexandria Times has the pre-meeting basics, Washington Post has more back story, has some coverage).

BRAC in Business?
A Future Crystal City? (From
The re-envisioning of Crystal City received a unanimous stamp of approval from the Arlington County Board. The plan calls for additional density, transportation infrastructure, and turning Crystal City into a full time city and not just a urban office park by day, ghost town by night. With Defense Department jobs being moved to Ft. Belvoir and elsewhere as part of BRAC, Arlington is taking the opportunity to try and re-build Crystal City for the future. (Washington Post)

Streetcars, New Metro Entrance Among Big Changes Coming to Crystal City
Here's a quick list of transportation improvements involved in the Crystal City 2050 plan and a video walking you through some of the high level stuff. (ArlNow)

Greening NoVA
The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust held its annual fundraiser this week.  The Trust aims to link the green space across N.Va.  Right in our backyard, Four Mile Run Park is a key portion of Alexandria's "Green Crescent", an area of open space that runs from 4MR Park along the Potomac to Jones Point Park.  Alexandria partners with the Trust and aims to have 100 acres preserved by 2013. (Washington Post)

Transit Improvements
If approved, all aspects of the Blue and Orange lines will receive a $272 Million overhaul that will last 6 years.  The overhaul covers 23 stations and 27 miles of track in operation since 1977. (Dr. Gridlock, Washington Post)  Somehow, Braddock Rd station is not in queue for repairs despite conditions that sent Mayor Euille to the hospital after a bad fall. (Alexandria Times)

Arlandria's Treasure
How much do you know about The Birchmere: America’s Legendary Music Hall? It harbored such new talent as Lyle Lovett, the Seldom Scene, Vince Gill, and many more. "New?" you might ask... they were at the time.  Read about Arlandria's own cradle for new talent, and legacy of proprietor of 44 years, Gary Oelze. What's his biggest frustration? Well, you may want to lobby City Council to find a way to get rid of Alexandria's entertainment tax, which could yet drive the cherished institution away from our fair neighborhood. (Alexandria Gazette-Packet)

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