Saturday, October 23, 2010

Architects Anonymous win for Four Mile Run Park Designs

Architects Anonymous at AIA Northern Virgina Annual Dinner 
(photo by Kathryn A. Brown)
The Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects awarded a group of local architects for  their pro-bono work on the plans to expand Four Mile Run Park and rehab the old Duron paint store on Mt Vernon Avenue in Arlandria.

AIA Chapter Award
Discussed in more detail previously on the Arlandrian, the informal group of small-firm architects, referring to themselves collectively as Architects Anonymous, used some of their 'free' time develop this breathtaking vision for 4MR Park.

The architects envision inexpensively re-purposing the old Duron building at 4109 Mount Vernon Avenue into the focal point of a series of 'outdoor rooms' for community use. The building itself would be open-air and primarily for daytime, fair weather use unless significant funds become available in the future (the costly HVAC system needs replacement for indoor uses). Their vision, based on the 4MR Restoration Master Plan, has impressed and excited area residents and the award from their peers comes as no surprise.

The presentation of the plans have often been on view Sunday mornings at 4MRMarket and will be there again for the last two Sundays, when representatives of Architect Anonymous will be on hand to solicit support for volunteers to help realize their award-winning vision. Come on out and see the plans, congratulate them and offer our thanks!

Architects Anonymous Unveiled (plus one).
Photo by Kathryn A. Brown

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