Friday, February 01, 2013

Kennedy Center meets Potomac Yard

An alert reader of the Arlandrian sent the following:

"Even the Kennedy Center is redeveloping its waterfront. When are we getting deck dining on Four Mile Run?"

Sounds funny, but we think that the Kennedy Center folks may have been looking over our collective shoulders at the Four Mile Restoration Plan, because this is exactly what might happen when north Potomac Yard redevelops. 

A conceptual view of how
the old railroad bridge might be used.
Building on the Four Mile Run Plan, the North Potomac Yard Plan calls for a good deal of park investment along the Alexandria edge of Four Mile Run there. A fairly big park and a re-use of one of the two remaining un-used railroad bridges. One bridge will be brought down to daylight the Run (in the next year or so), but the other will be....something. 

And, by the way, the electrical substation may be decommissioned and integrated with the other near the waste-water treatment plant. Some powerlines will be under-grounded and some of the "headwires" towers will come down. More news to come.
"This Plan assists in the implementation of the Four Mile Run Master Plan by requiring Crescent Park and improvements next to Four Mile Run, which are intended to provide wide range of opportunities, both active and passive, and include opportunities for a gathering and event space. Amenities should be provided on both sides of Four Mile Run and on the existing approximately 1-acre pedestrian bridge, which will connect to Crescent Park and Landbay K beyond, providing a series of spaces for a variety of interests which celebrate the connection to the water and natural environment.
The park should be designed as a regional amenity for users of all ages and abilities, and will provide active and passive recreational amenities for future residents and visitors. The park will be designed to incorporate interpretive elements of the multi-century transportation history of this corridor."
So, congratulations Kennedy Center on having the vision to follow our lead.

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