Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Traffic Hampers Morning Bus Commute

According to WMATA, accidents at two Arlandria intersections affected Metrobus performance this morning. The accidents were said to have occurred both on West Glebe Road, one where it meets with Mt Vernon Avenue and the other at Valley Road.

Here's how WMATA reported these incidents on its Twitter feed:

These incidents follow another report earlier this month about traffic congestion hampering the morning commute. Again, here's WMATA Twitter report:
The intersections involved have been the topic of discussion for over a decade but promised improvements have yet to occur. The Mt Vernon & West Glebe intersection was slated for improvements since the 1991 Transportation Master Plan Update. The South Glebe and Mt Vernon intersection improvements were called for by the 2003 Arlandria Plan. And the West Glebe & Valley Road intersection was cited for improvements by the 2005 Four Mile Run Restoration Plan. The South Glebe and Valley Road projects were absent however from the most recently approved Capital Improvement Budget and Transportation Long Range Plan (LRP). The West Glebe intersection is mentioned in the LRP but remains unfunded.

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