Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obsessed with bus shelters.


Somewhat time timely given previous discussions about Arlandria bus shelters (here and here), the Infrastructurist blog has this article today: "Bus Stops of the Future"

Here's an excerpt:

"If our research proves accurate, the future looks very exciting. Some will have vegetative roofs. Others will be beautiful and expensive to build yet cost cost cities $0 each. Still others look like something you might see after your second ayahuasca cocktail. And all this creativity stands in service of the laudable goal of making public transportation more appealing."

Somewhat related, DCist has an article today on the soon-to-be-opened bicycle shelter at Union Station.


And elsewhere, another blog called Beacon Hill Public Art is documenting how public art is being incorporated in utilitarian structures like sidewalks, light rail station and of course bus shelters, such as the one shown close-up at the top.

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