Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 411 on 4MR


The Four Mile Run (4MR) Restoration project is in the news today. The DCmud blog is carrying a story entitled, "Arlington and Alexandria Hope to Lure Developers for Restored Waterfront Property".

What prompts the story is the review of the Four Mile Run design guidelines that have been undergoing a public process for the last couple of years. These have already received unanimous backing by the Alexandria Planning Commission and await approval by Arlington's County Board at the end of the month.

The story does a nice job of summarizing current events related to 4MR: the upcoming design content for the Eads-Commonwealth pedestrian bridge, the progress on the pilot restoration project for the tidal reach of the run, and the current planning efforts over at Potomac Yard that will inevitably contribute to further improvements. The blog concludes:

As long as developers strive for greener building practices, do what they can to incorporate public spaces and the newly improved stream in their designs, and take into account storm water management, they'll be welcomed by city planners in Alexandria and Arlington.

It's a good read and welcome attention to a worthy project that is intertwined with the future of Arlandria.

Still much anticipated, however, is the final report from the Mayor's Institute on City Design that recently reviewed Potomac Yard and looked at Four Mile Run. The preliminary info on that suggests that 4MR will be getting a lot of attention that might carry the restoration forward.

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