Friday, November 06, 2015

Science In the Hood! Sunday at 4MRMarket 10-2

Science In the Hood!
Come one, come all to the second annual science science expo.

Students from The George Washington University have activities for everyone – kids, teens, parents and even the whole family to join in.

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For the elementary tikes:

  • Nutrition related coloring activities 
  • Mystery exercise challenge (hint: get your dance shoes ready!) 
  • Veggie surprise! 

For the middle and high school kids:

  • Cooking demonstrations 
  • Making a mini-greenhouse 
  • Two exercise activities to get your heart going! 

For the parents:

  • Quick and easy guide to how to eat healthy. While the kids are off doing different activities, let’s talk about ways to make little changes that can make a BIG difference. 

For the family:

  • Tours of Four Mile Run restoration project 
  • During the tour, help your kids collect different items from our scavenger hunt. You’ll have a collection kit to gather the organisms so you can observe them with a microscope! 
  • Bobbing for apples! 
  • Oyster DEMO 
Sunday November 8th, 10am-2pm Where: 4109 Mt Vernon Ave Alexandria, VA 22305

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