Friday, September 27, 2013

International Environmental Organization films at Four Mile Run

A film crew from Earth Echo International shot footage in Four Mile Run last week. Here's some behind the scene footage of EarthEcho's Ashlan Gorse joining students from Earth Force at Four Mile Run Park in Alexandria, VA to learn a little bit about water testing. (Click this link if the video does not appear below).

Earth Force is a national non-profit youth organization empowers kids to help solve local environmental problems.

EarthEcho Expeditions is an annual program that will travel the world to engage young people in a voyage of discovery. The Four Mile Run stop was part of EarthEcho Expedition: Into the Dead Zone transforms learning for middle and high school students through three phases that span a year of youth engagement and community action.

EarthEcho International’s programs are dedicated to the legacy of Philippe Cousteau Sr., a legacy of devotion to the conservation and restoration of the Oceans and one that can be shared by all people. EarthEcho's programs embrace service-learning and the power of individuals to reshape their communities and our world.

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