Monday, March 18, 2013

Arlington Transportation Successes.

Arlington County reports on the success it has had over the past 4 decades of managing its economic and population growth while maintaining traffic congestion. (Arlington is Booming, And Traffic Fantastically Remains at 1970s Levels — Mobility Lab):
"Science fiction fans will recognize this plot line. A woman travels into the past, telling her ancestors about her reality in the future, only to be called a lunatic because of the incredible nature of what she is saying. 

Anyone who lives and works in 2013 Arlington, Virginia might be met with the same reaction if she were to go back to 1979 and tell someone about the county’s population, employment, and transportation trends. 

Arlington’s population and employment have jumped nearly 40 percent over the past three decades. Meanwhile, traffic on major arterials like Wilson and Arlington Boulevards has increased at a much lower rate or even declined."

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