Thursday, January 24, 2013

Parking Changes Proposed for Schools, Recreational Facilities reports on an effort to re-evaluate parking requirement at public facilities in Arlington County (Parking Changes Proposed for Schools, Recreational Facilities):

"County staff members are recommending adding amendments to the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance that would affect parking at public pools and at elementary and middle schools."

At issue is how much asphalt should take up park and public space. Arlington County Schools balked at parking-heavy requirements when they sought to renovate and expand over-crowded and out-moded buildings. Now the County Parks department always is wondering how much park space should be devoted to cars.

The answer might be: it depends. The County is looking at whether parking demands and requirements might vary from site to site. And they will be considering whether less lesser parking spaces will be sufficient in some instances where cars won't overwhelm nearby neighborhoods.

That's the question the County will be evaluating over the coming months.

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