Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alexandria City Council Approves Reed Avenue Affordable Housing Project

"The Alexandria City Council approved a new affordable housing project, which will be built on E. Reed Avenue and Jefferson Davis Highway. The city will loan the nonprofit developer, AHC, Inc. $2.5 million and will transfer a city-owned parcel of land on Jefferson Davis Highway to AHC for the project."
AlexandriaNews - Alexandria City Council Approves New Affordable Housing Project


Anonymous said...

This is such a good news! Many people will really benefit from this affordable housing project especially those families who are struggling to find a good place to live in.

Allen Perkins

Anonymous said...

With this project, homeless people will have the chance to afford a new home that they can call their own. Is this project completed now?

Larry Floyd

Anonymous said...

Awesome news for those hoping to get a spot in this Avenue. I wonder what are the qualifications to avail one unit from this housing project.

Harry Rustin

Unknown said...
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