Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fences are down. Digging has started

Work has commenced on Phase I of the plan to convert 3 abandoned lots on Mt Vernon Avenue into an urban place at the western edge of Four Mile Run Park.

These properties were acquired 5 years ago by the City of Alexandria with Open Space Funds to fulfill the vision for the park started with the 2003 Arlandria Plan and coalesced into a reality under the broader Four Mile Run Master Plan created in conjunction with Arlington County.

Though stalled for several years, the generous labor of community volunteers and the ardent support of a group of activist architects, known as Architects Anonymous, created a framework that is now finally being implemented.

The plaza along with the Four Mile Run building to the north, which was also rehabilitated with volunteer efforts, will be the site of performing arts, environmental education and the volunteer run Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market (4MRMarket) on Sundays.

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Nick said...

Stopped by for the market this morning, 4/1, and there wasn't anyone there. When will it open?