Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAdA Teaches Local Hispanic Mothers Entrepreneurial Skills

Mujeres Artesanas de Alexandria (MAdA) is a sub-organization of local non-profit Bienvenidos.  They teach Latina women of Arlandria business, crafting, and English language skills.  The majority of the women in the program are mothers of children in local schools and need to generate extra income to help support their families. 

One of the volunteers and founders of MAdA, Beth Ladd, dropped by last Sunday's Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market to give me an overview of MAdA's purpose and what they hope to achieve in Arlandria for their member "Mujeres".  She also provided a few samples of their handicrafts (see pictures--above right and following video).  Check out the quick 1 minute video below and see what Beth has to say about the organization.

The 4 Mile Run Farmer's and Artisans Market has always included providing a place for local vendors to cheaply sell their wares as part of its mission statement. With the addition of MAdA, the Market's 15th vendor, it appears to be meeting at least one key portion of its mission. Come out and support the artisans and craftswomen of MAdA starting at the July 25th market (8am - 1pm).

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Unknown said...

I couldn't find a way to email you, so here goes -- Bozzelli's Deli is coming to Crystal City! 2600 block of Crystal Drive, attached to my building. This is exciting because 1) I've been going to Bozzelli's since I was a kid (giving my order to Mr. Bozzelli himself) and they are to DIE for, and 2) it's a sign that the no-man's-land between Crystal City and Potomac Yard is starting to sprout! Hopefully they'll stay open later than 5:30pm, as all the other markets on the block close before I even get home from work.

Hope you will choose to give them some publicity and help us fill more of our drab landscape of empty storefronts in CC!