Friday, January 29, 2010

The Arlandrian News Round-up ("Baby it's cold outside" edition)

I Like Bike!
Alington County is helping bike commuters by promoting its "
Bike Vs..." challenge. BikeArlington will help commuters figure out how they can get to and from work via bike. They say bikes are faster. All you need is a commute that starts or ends in Arlington, but I say ARLandria is close enough. (CommuterPage).

On Track for Speed
The feds release the high speed rail funding awards, but Virginia did not receive $1.8 billion it requested. However, "Virginia and North Carolina received $620 million toward establishing a rail corridor (PDF) connecting Charlotte and Raleigh, Raleigh and Richmond, Richmond and D.C." So we may see the fast train zooming by any, (BizJournals)

I'm going to Disneyland!
Disney is promoting volunteerism by giving away a day at its parks in exchange for a day of service to an eligible volunteer organization. There are over 600 opportunities nearby. Give a day. Get a Disney Day.

Public Housing Trespass Redux
Delegate Englin issues a
third take on his bill to restrict public housing trespassing rules...and draws further criticism for his approach. (Alexandria Gazette &

First Lady Michelle Obama visited our local Y to kick-off her obesity and fitness campaign. Top on her list of recommedations: "Improving our Communities". (AlexandriaNews and press releases).

Planning Docket
Two items of local interest are on the
Planning Commission docket for Tuesday, February 2nd. Chez Andree wants outdoor dining and a chicken rotisserie restaurant wants to build next door to the Lube-it. Here's the chance to weigh in.

H1N1 Get 1
While the
H1N1 flu seems to be decreasing, it is still early in the influenza season—and the virus could become more widespread again. Getting a vaccination now will prevent you and your loved ones against another round of H1N1 flu. The H1N1 flu vaccine has now become more available to the general public, and the Alexandria Health Department Casey Health Center is now offering H1N1 flu vaccinations to everyone.

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