Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Arlandrian News Round-Up

We're going to try to put together a list of articles/city council docket items that are of interest to Arlandria for one reason or another every week or so. A lot is going on right now. Enjoy!

Action Coming for Arlandria!?
The next City Council meeting should include the approval of a resolution to create an Arlandria Action Plan Advisory Group. The changes made from the original version include the charge to "explore disincentives for economic development and opportunities to overcome those." (City Council Docket Item 28)

Arlandria Co-Op Elections and Overall Viability
The Chirilagua Co-op recently held elections. Residents seem hopeful that they'll be better represented (Alexandria Times Article). However, the Co-op looks like it might not qualify for the forgiveness of a $232K loan. From the report: "Based on issues that have arisen over the last few years the question of whether or not the coop is operating successfully... needs to be thoroughly researched and answered." (City Council Docket Item 26)

Potomac Yard Metro Still Searching for Adequate Funding
The scenario as drawn up last week, is still $32 million short. Alexandria says they'll find a way, however. There are also some details as to why this station will cost so much. (Washington Examiner, tip: GGW)

Metro Rail and Bus Fare Hikes On the Way?
Because of Metro budget shortfalls, they're discussing raising bus fare from $1.25 to $1.50 per trip and increasing rail fares by a small amount across the board. There's no sure answer to what will happen, yet. (Greater Greater Washington)

3 MS-13 Murderers Caught
You may recall the July murder victim that was lured to an apartment in the area between Arlandria and Beverly Hills to pay "rent" to MS-13 for pimping on their turf. All three suspects were arrested and were all illegal immigrants from El Salvador. (Alexandria Times Article)

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