Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best Metro Alternatives for Arlandria Thrown Out

Unfortunately, I can give no explanation as to why alternatives C & D are thrown out in this post. All I can decipher from Tuesdays Potomac Yards Metro Feasibility Presentation (PDF here) is that options for a Metro location within Landbay F, the current Potomac Yards shopping center, are no longer under consideration. This is an extremely disappointing result for our area, as it moves the future Metro stop at least 1/5 mile further away from the front door of... well, just about everyone that lives in the more densely populated areas within Arlandria, southern Crystal City, and the eventually densely populated Landbay F. This also means this alternative will provide the smallest relief from traffic possible with this infill station. See previous posts on Metro Feasibility here from May and here from April.

The recommendation of the Mayor's Institute on Urban Design, which included Brookings Fellow Christopher Leinberger, are apparently not under consideration. They recommended moving the station location into Landbay F and maximizing Landbay F's density as the best option for the city. One of the main reasons for moving the Metro to this location is any locations (A & B) East of the railroad tracks require a lengthy walk from the closest property to the station just to cross the tracks from the West. Hopefully the city will eventually release the findings of the Mayor's Institute on Design so everyone has an opportunity to consider the recommendations of the panel.

We'll follow up with more information on this decision as information becomes available. If you thing this is a bad idea, it wouldn't hurt to voice your displeasure with this option to the Mayor and City Council (send e-mail here).


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad Metro planning! Of course site "A" will likely win out in the end since it's way too close to Braddock Road to be of use to anyone in Arlandria, and practically anyone in Del Ray. Ugh! Mayor Euille will be hearing from me!

Froggie said...

I can easily see why C was thrown out: a much higher cost for benefits that were little better than D.

Why they threw D out as well is the question to personal favorite was D1...

Unknown said...

I'm sure that the people in the large townhouses in Potomac Greens will benefit more from public transportation than those who have a greater population density in Arlandria. If the new metro were placed close to Hume Springs and Lynhaven, those nice Potomac Greens residents would have to drive their new Mercedes and BMWs to get close enough to take metro.

Seriously, I just can't understand why the city keeps providing services to the wealthiest citizens and in the more sparse areas. In Hume Springs, we have to move our cars twice a week for street cleaning that is not required elsewhere, and now we're forced to continue to use the northbound bus service that passes once an hour or to use our cars.

It would be nice if Alexandria's funds were more evenly distributed to serve city residents. Just like the community beautification (nice new pocket park in Del Ray), new bus stop (completely unused) near the new big townhouses on Glebe Road... contrasted with the disproportionate concentration of public housing and subsidized housing in Arlandria.

If Alexandria wants to show its diversity, perhaps it should consider a more equitable distribution of funds and services.