Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help Kids in Arlandria

As you shop for your kids to go back to school.. maybe you could pick up a few extra items to donate to neighborhood kids.

Community Lodgings has 78 at-risk Arlandria neighborhood children who come everyday to their youth programs where they help them succeed in school. They have a 'school store' for them to use their earned learning center 'dollars' to buy items they need for schoolwork.

The store will be Sept. 9th and 10th. Donations can be dropped off  any time between 10am & 6:30pm at the learning center at 607 Notabene Drive or the administrative office at 3912 Elbert Avenue. Thanks for helping!

 Questions? Call Bonnie Baxley...703-549-4407

Needed Items:

Box of crayons (12 or 24)
Box of tissue
Box of #2 pencils
Mechanical pencils
Handheld pencil sharpener
Box of blue or black pens
Pencil case or box
3-subject spiral notebooks with pockets
3-ring binders
Packs of subject dividers
Folders with pockets
Graph paper
Index cards
Colored pencils
8 pack fine tip washable markers
Scotch tape
Small stapler with staples
Glue sticks
Elmer's glues (16 ounce)
Book bag or backpack
Wide rule lined notebook paper
College rule notebook paper
12 inch rulers
Pink erasers
Pencil pouch for notebook
Five subject spiral notebooks
One subject spiral notebooks
Dry erase markers
Ziplock bags: gallon freezer, quart freezer, sandwich size or snack size
Pump bottle hand sanitizer

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