Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Arlandria by Any Other Name...

It didn't take long for someone to raise the issue last night. My wife has mentioned it at least a dozen times and I noticed a sigh of relief on several faces yesterday when a Hume Springs resident who's been there since the beginning (almost 60 years) brought it up. Many people seem to think the name itself doesn't really roll of the tongue and carries negative connotations.

Should Arlandria really be called Arlandria? Arlandria has such a negative stigma associated with it from non-residents that I think it's at least worth considering. If a name change were suggested to re-brand the neighborhood away from the negative perceptions of the past, what actually makes sense? This is completely a what-if discussion. Here are a couple of ideas, feel free to add your own in the comments:

  • Four Mile Village - wrapped around Four Mile Run Park, this emphasises the park and hopefully promotes additional green space (other similar names include Park View, Four Mile Park, Stream View, etc).
  • North Del Ray - promotes us as a neighbor and almost a part of the hugely resurgent Del Ray much like Potomac/North Potomac in Montgomery County
  • Potomac West North - Arlandria literally is the northern portion of Potomac West, so this probably makes the most sense geographically
  • Sunnyside - A portion of Arlandria that just has a positive ring to it.

Tell me which you like or if you have better ideas... or if you think it's a terrible idea to change it. I only bring it up because there was more support from a wide range of people than I expected for a rename.

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