Thursday, June 02, 2011

Local Planner Discusses Arlandria Planning and Implementation

Brandi fields questions
Since 2009, the Arlandria Action Plan Advisory Group has been helping guide implementation of the 2003 Action Plan (large PDF).  One of the leaders of the effort on the City staff side has been City Planning and Zoning Urban Planner Brandi Collins.  Last week, she was invited to speak at a Coalition for Smarter Growth event with a couple of other young planners at their "Young Planner Showcase".  The event was held at the National Capital Planning Commission.

Here are her slides (PDF), which are displayed during the video.  See below for the video of her presentation, or use this link to view on YouTube if the embedded video isn't working for you.  Brandi's section starts at about the 06:20 mark and runs about 20-25 minutes, including a Q and A session.  She does a great job promoting what we're doing as a community, and we are appreciative of the efforts so far.  Keep up the focus and great work on Arlandria!

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