Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry 4MRMarket!!

A farmers' market is all about community and forging relationships with food and craft producers, so whether you miss the fresh and creative products available from the Four Mile Run Farmers' Market or are just looking for something special for the upcoming holidays, remember it's still possible to continue to support your favorite 4MRMarket vendor. 

Many of these producers are still active and busy throughout the year, even with the market being shuttered for the season.  So, check out their links at the to contact them directly.  

And note, that Stiffler Beef (aka What's for Dinner Now, LLC) are scheduled to make a deliveries this Saturday, December 18th. Orders (for now and for upcoming deliveries next month) can be placed by sending us an email at See:

And don't forget to support the artists. MP3's make great (virtual) stocking-stuffers. (Hear more of Aaron Lee at The Ukulele Project).

Enjoy the holidays!

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