Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alexandria Neighbors Help Arlandria Family Impacted by Tragedy

A group of neighbors are joining together to help the family who lost their son in a tragedy last week.

The man found dead Monday in a playground in Northern Virginia
was a carpenter, DJ and beloved eldest brother with four siblings.
News4's Julie Carey spoke with the mother of Luis Perez, in Alexandria.
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Jose Luis Ferman Perez was a 24-year-old city resident whose life was taken at the iconic neighborhood playground last week in Beverly Park, aka "the Pit."

Many have expressed their desire to help his family, especially his mother who wishes to return his remains to his beloved home country. Any contribution of any size would be help. Your consideration would be appreciated. Financial contributions can be made via GoFundMe. In-kind donations are being accepted through SignupGenius

Here's an English language translation of the the request on GoFundMe:
"On Monday, November 9, 2015, we lost a great person, Jose' Luis Perez Ferman. He was a good son, brother, father and friend. Only 24 years old, he left us to be by God’s side. He was a good person in every possible way. Our family is obviously not prepared for this tragedy and losing a person this loved is painful and unexpected. Funeral expenses are very expensive and we have created this page to request assistance for these expenses. Whatever amount you can provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you and God bless you. We need your support to cover the funeral expenses of Jose' Luis Perez Ferman."

To make a financial contribution to help with the funeral expenses, go to GoFundMe at:

To make an in-kind donation for the funeral, go to:

The funeral is set for 7pm Saturday at Commonwealth Baptist Church, 700 Commonwealth Avenue in Del Ray.

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