Thursday, June 20, 2013

Po Siam Closing. New Restaurant Coming.

A change of ownership application has been filed with the City of Alexandria for a new restaurant at 3807 Mount Vernon Avenue. Po Siam Thai Restaurant will close at the end of June.

Long-time Arlandria stalwart Po Siam has been sold, but current restaurant owner "Mr. Nicky" (Nirum Vongpukkeaw) will retain ownership of the building that he first acquired in 1995.

The new yet-unnamed restaurant will be operated by Sheela Perera already a fixture on the Avenue. Sheela and her husband Stanley run the Subway franchise nearby.

The Pereras anticipate no physical changes to the restaurant at 3807 other than a new name and menu, but we've heard that the cuisine will no longer be Thai.

Nicky and the Peraras are both active in the recently formed Arlandria-Chirilagua Business Association (see picture below).

We're sad to see Po Siam go. We have fond memories of many meals there and Nicky has always been a good friend, and we wish him well. He's worked hard and deserves a break. And this news is bittersweet as we're more than a little excited to see what the future has in store for the Pereras' new venture.

ACBA members: from left to right:
Albert Sacks (Atlas Insurance Agency), Nirum Vongpukkeaw (Po-Siam Thai Restaurant),
Juan Nelson Zavaleta (Sea Tax Services), Sharon Eddy (State Farm Insurance Agency),
Beariz Ríos (Beatriz International Hair Salon & Beauty Academy)
and Stanley Perera (Subway).
Make sure to stop by and see Po Siam off. This is your last chance at some very fine Thai food (really the best we've ever had). Check out their menu the 4 star review here on Yelp.

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