Monday, March 04, 2013

BRT: Coming First to Arlandria

A "D.C. area" first that's not in D.C.

The Washington Post has coverage of the BRT (bus rapid transit) system currently under development in area along the Route 1 corridor between Braddock Road and Crystal City Metro with future plans for expansion and realignment. Although originally promised for this December, opening is now slated for early next year (D.C. area’s first bus-only lanes under construction in Northern Virginia):
"A five-mile stretch in Arlington County and Alexandria could soon be a bus rider’s dream come true: Forget the long waits at the bus stop and the time wasted in traffic. 
Next year, Metro officials plan to launch a bus service connecting the Braddock Road and Crystal City Metrorail stations. And they are not talking about ordinary service. These buses would travel much of the route traffic-free in what is to become the region’s first buses-only lanes."
WMATA, Arlington and Alexandria are also asking for the public to help design the appearanceof the vehicles and the layout of the information boards at the transit stops. Help design the first BRT system in our region. Complete the survey today.

Also, to get an idea about how BRT works, check out this video of a similar project in San Francisco:

Vision of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for San Francisco

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