Sunday, August 16, 2009

EYA Marketing Arlington Amenities to Glebe Park/Alexandria Crossing Buyers

Real Estate development site DCMud reported Saturday that EYA, the Glebe Park developer, is already beginning sales. The 18 townhomes up for sale will help fund the mixed-income development. See our recent post about the redevelopment activity. Prices for workforce homes begin from $300K and market-rate homes at $479K.

A. Gold's GYM
B. Blockbuster Video
C. Birchmere Theater
D. Harris Teeter
E. Potomac Yard
F. Village At Shirlington
G. Signature Theater
H. Shops At Crystal City
I. Pentagon City Mall
J. Reagan National Airport
K. Shops At Del Ray

Here's EYA's page listing the property details. The map and locations listed above are from the Neighborhood section of the details page. They're touting the walkability and proximity to various conveniences as a selling point. The telling portion of the graphic is how few of the conveniences they tout are actually in Alexandria. EYAs goal is to sell its townhomes and it will choose what it deems the highlights of the area to do so. It just so happens that the market thinks most of the best selling points near Arlandria are in Arlington, not Alexandria. This highlights the need to build and improve the retail in the North End of Alexandria.

It's tough to Buy Alexandria when you live in the North End and apparently the best nearby places aren't even in Alexandria. This will likely take major redevelopment of Arlandria's portion of Mt. Vernon Ave, such as the Safeway/Datatel site. For more information about redevelopment, check out some of our articles from earlier this year: If we build it, will they come?, City discussion of redevelopment from a Feburary City Council meeting, and notes from a meeting with then City Council candidate Frank Fannon.

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