Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Anderson Bikeway

"I even saw a sign the other day that said 'Anderson Bikeway' along 4-Mile Run, whatever that is. " says Steve Offutt of Greater, Greater Washington (Trail signs should work like street signs).

I agree it's pretty confusing and our area trails are mostly a patchwork of short run some of which may not even connect. But I know the Anderson Trail pretty well.

Above is a map...a pretty old map...that I found on the website of the Friends of the WO&D Trail. The map is pretty out of date (doesn't seem to show the Four Mile Run trail that runs along South Glebe Road, north of the stream). And it suggests that there might be a trail south of the Run in Alexandria between Mt Vernon Avenue and West Glebe Road (one day maybe says the Four Mile Run Restoration project). But it does get something right.

The Anderson Trail...or perhaps, Anderson the proper name of the trail in Four Mile Run park between Route 1 and the Avenue.

Here's a view of the trail at an entry point at the end of Commonwealth Avenue (where someday there might be a bridge to Eads Street in Arlington). Note the monument to the Army Corps of Engineer flood control projects.

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