Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cafe Pizzaiolo | Neighborhood restaurant featured in Washingtonian Magazine

The Washingtonian's Best Bites Blog has this post today following up on the article in this month's print edition: First Look: Pizzaiolo Café & Bar

From the Washingtonian:

"Larry Ponzi’s Café Pizzaiolo opened in 2007, and it’s been an antidote to the Crystal City mall across the street. The cafe’s bustle, chalkboards, and children’s games give it the feel of a neighborhood coffeehouse—there’s free wi-fi—crossed with a family room and a no-frills Italian restaurant. The pizzas, like the casual vibe, are easy to like: Crafted with the care devoted to boutique pies, these have approachable toppings, a generous swipe of sweet sauce, and crisp crusts.

In November, Ponzi brought his pizzas and the rest of the menu—a roster of Italian favorites such as chicken Parmesan and spaghetti with meatballs—to Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood."

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The new, local Pizzaiolo location is part of the retail strip at the Calvert (seen above) and not in the Mt Vernon Avenue Business District as normally defined. Whether the Calvert is in Del Ray, Arlandria, North Del Ray or, a some have dubbed it, "Delandria", it doesn't change the fact that its local and the pizza is good.

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody know the owners of the Calvert building?

I wish they would replace the 2 or 3 cherry trees that they cut down (last year?) along Mt. Vernon Ave. You can see the stumps in the photo.

They really ad character to the street, and soften that retaining wall.